Offline Corner Grinding Machine

Offline Corner Grinding Machine


  • The spindle x/y/z of the whole machine is connected by linear guide rail and ball screw, and controlled by servo motor;

  • The rise / fall of Z (chamfer spindle) axis is controlled by servo, which can easily control the height of grinding wheel (diamond wheel and polishing wheel) by adjusting parameters.

  • Stainless steel / alloy materials are specially selected in the water processing area to prevent corrosion.

  • The whole machine is composed of 7 groups of servos and adopts CNC CNC computer operating system;


A single piece of glass can complete the chamfering and polishing of two corners at the same time; when the glass size is too small, it can be used as two single-head machines. 

Automatically correct glass errors through camera positioning (optional)

Automatic polishing compensation system

All Chinese operation interface, friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate;



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