Online Waterjet

Online Waterjet


AWJ automatic waterjet has the advantage which the manual production does not have in the prosessing production,the following mainly introduction machine production merit:

  1. Greatly increase labor productivity.That is to say,more products can be produced per unit of time,the input of each labor force can create higher output value,and the laborer can be freed from the conventional manual control to engage in more creative wprk

  2. Product quality has a high degree of repeatability,consistency,can significantly reduce the rate of non-conformity

  3. Significantly reduce manufacturing costs.IWJ machine automatic assembly production can achieve high productivity,and the machine can run continuously,so the manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced under the condition of mass production

  4. High productioning,IWJ machine equiment adopts various kinds of high-precision guidance,positioning,feed,adjustment,inspection,visual system or components,which can ensure the high precision of product assembly and production

  5. Shorten the manufacturing cycle,reduce the numbers of products.Machine automation shortens the manufacturing cycle of products,enables enterprises to achieve rapid delivery,improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market,but also reduce the number of raw materials and products,reduce the cost of liquidity

  6. In the harmful and dangerous environment instead of manual qperation,so that the production of enterprises are no longer dependent and limited by the production staff


Architectural Glass 

Appliance Glass

Automotive Glass

Shower Door


Automatic online working with other processing

Online/offline scanner to read and process

Superior accuracy and processing capacity 

MAC software support and ERP/MES connection


technical data


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