Vertical Sorting System

Vertical Sorting System


To achieve industrial 4.0, the full automatic production chain connection and powerful central integrated control system (MES) are key points. Between different glass processing procedures, the assortment is very necessary to buffer the production speed, adjust the production sequence and match different production to achieve a best productivity. MAC supplys different sorting systems based on our powerful software solutions.

After tempering, the glass maybe delivered out or entering the next processing of insulating glass or laminating glass. Here two production difficulties should be sorted out to achieve full automatic production. The storage volume is biggest in procedure. VSR is very flexible to have multiple crates with different size for different glass storage and sorting.

  • Storage of glass with different dimension, thickness and types.

  • Sorting of different glass to match IG/lamination orders with perfect logics.

  • Connection different production and speed automatically.


VSR series assortment with independent glass input/output shuttles records each glass storage ID and working in perfect logics according to MES/ERP system. Glass will be automatically picked and match for different insulating glass production. The whole system is consisting of: 

Glass specification detection table/ID reader

Input shuttle

Storage crates according to productivity requirements

Output shuttle

Control system and HMI with software connected to ERP

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