Straight Double Edging And Polishing

Straight Double Edging And Polishing



MAC-LIFENG is the pioneer of intelligent double edging machines. We own the biggest double edger processing factories. Guangdong LIFENG and Guangxi LIFENG cover totally more than 50,000 square meters only for double edging line and relative machinery research and manufacturing. The full chain of advanced processing facilities are self invested to guarantee the processing quality and accuracy.   


4 Series High Speed Double Edgers

  • High speed double edging line

  • A series full automatic grinding line

  • A 30 full automatic grinding line

  • Automatic pencil edging line

LIFENG concern the sustained technology research and built an engineering team specially for intelligent high speed edging technology research from 2010. So far our grinding technology is revolving and changing the traditional grinding technology with superior labor-free and high performance glass grinding to integrate with Industrial 4.0. The full line is including automatic detection table, high performance double edgers, different turning tables, automatic loading and unloading, plus MAC viewer for online glass grinding management system. 

Leading full automatic grinding technology

Labor free for your grinding first and maintain your high quality grinding

with LIFENG leading automation technology and  strong control system.

MAC Viewer support your on Cloud grinding management

Receive orders from ERP, automatic record production,  stacking with label 

printer, online camera to make your production intelligent and visual anywhere.

High speed and reliability

Max 30m/min grinding speed and 25m/min opening speed,  maintenance 

free performance make you re-define your grinding efficiency and quality.


Superior high speed edging and polished finishing

Leading full automatic grinding and polishing technology

Exclusive sorting and stacking system with automatic printer

Intelligent connection with all related machines, ERP/MES

MAC Viewer && 4 Camera onside support any trouble-shooting in time

MAC Viewer which is the unique self-developed control system can help you to manage your factory logically, visually and digitally.


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Straight Double Edging Line

L-shape Double Edging Line

U-shape Double Edging Line

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