Horizontal Sorting System

Horizontal Sorting System


To reach industrial 4.0, the full automatic production chain connection and powerful central control system are key points. Between different glass processing procedures, the assortment is very necessary to buffer the production speed and adjust the production sequence to achieve a best productivity.


In the whole chain, because the glass cutting is guided by the production order and optimization system. So the cut glass need to be assorted after cutting. The horizontal assortment is perfect to match the cutting and further grinding. It is used for buffer the speed, storage temporarily and adjust the glass processing sequence according to order sequence or max productivity requirements.


Our horizontal sorting system is designed on the basis of a powerful and flexible logical programing system. The Cloud Sorting Stacker system includes measuring table / scanline reader, 2 Lifting and transfer tables and sorting stacker. The system is good to use between different horizontal processing procedures to achieve full automatic production chain. Link between cutting line-edging and edging-tempering furnace etc.


The system comes with Optimize software. It will store the glass according to sizes or customer orders. It can store around multiple pieces each layer based on the size of the glass.


A. Sorting racks before double edger, drilling, printing etc


Horizontal sorting racks before double edger. Store and sort the glasses based on different sizes, order, customer etc. Double edging machine does not need to change opening all the time, makes it more efficient, process different orders by intelligent management. 


It is commonly used on different processing line like appliance glass processing before edging, drilling, printing to buffer the speed and make the whole line more efficient.


B. Cloud Sorting system before tempering furnace


Suitable for volume production with horizontal system. 2 sets Horizontal liftable stacker before and after horizontal sorting and storage racks. Normally the whole system with multiple sets are equipped before tempering furnace according to productivity design. Connecting with ERP, MES with intelligent system to organize different glass size, thickness and orders.


After that the automatic batching system can be connected between sorting system and tempering furnace. Do glass alignment in width direction on the batching tables. Then the glasses moved to the furnace loading section. Ensure perfect batching for the furnace will guarantee the tempering furnace capacity and save energy.


Free connection with ERP system and connecting processing machienry

Flexible for different productivity, glass size and final products processing

Work as temporary lifting storage or sorting with powerful logics

Strong structure and reliable sensing & positioning system

Space economic, organized and safe production

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