Shuttle Storage System

Shuttle Storage System


The shuttle storage system includes 1 set or multi sets of shuttle system, guide rail system, glass racks and cutting lines.

The shuttle system can automatically supply full pack of glass to the loading table of cutting line. There is a glass feeding entrance for float glass unloaded from truck. The shuttle system will automatically send the glasses to the rack positions that identified by the control system. At the same time, all the raw glass specifications are recorded by scan reader at the entrance. After getting the instruction from the control system or cutting line, the ordered glasses with the rack will be selected and sent to the loading area of cutting line. The whole system is full automatic and digitalized, it is safe and reliable. 



High productivity and automation

Space efficiency for more glass storage

Intelligent data communication with cutting table or ERP

Safety and labor free of massive glass management and transport 

Non stop working while feeding glass

technical data


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