Enter the era of Industry 4.0 intelligence

05/14 2024


From 25th to 28th May, 2024, the world's most influential industry event Shanghai Glass Industry Exhibition was grandly opened in China. During China Glass, LIFENG shared many technical innovations with you during the exhibition. It attracts large number of visitors to enhance more understanding on glass grinding area.


The Intelligent Edging line with ERP system has once again redefined processing production. The Edging line receives orders through ERP and processes them in a fully automatic manner.


Flexible polishing, servo and pneumatic that can keep speeding of grinding and saving cost of grinding wheels.


Easily processing on Two silver Low-E glasses and Three silver Low-E glasses.


LIFENG leading grinding technology to a new development and forwarding in intelligent deep glass processing solutions.  


Highly realizes the automatic connection of the whole plant in the true sense. Successfully entered the era of Industry 4.0 intelligence. 


LIFENG are always focusing on leading glass grinding and making it in highly development.